About Us

The Peterborough Suzuki School of Music is a non-profit association of parents and teachers offering piano instruction in Peterborough, Ontario.

The Suzuki method nurtures human potential through the teaching and love of music. We are committed to providing local children with qualified instructors, and opportunities for musical performance and enrichment.

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Suzuki programs are supported through a charity partnership with Delta Bingo & Gaming.


Parents of our Suzuki music students are closely involved in daily practice and regular performances, and help with fundraising for the school.

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To inquire about starting piano lessons for your child(ren), please contact our teachers directly at the numbers listed below.

Suzuki School Teachers:

Marilyn Chalk · 705-743-9646
Lenore Parajka · 705-868-3096
Peter MacKinnon · 705-745-8131
Daniel Wiersma · 905-375-3523

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Public performance is a cornerstone of the Suzuki method.

Please join us as our students’ share their musical progress at the Suzuki winter and spring recitals.