About Us

The Peterborough Suzuki School of Music is a non-profit association of parents and teachers offering piano instruction in Peterborough, Ontario. Piano lessonOur local chapter of world-wide Suzuki Music is based on the method developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Suzuki music provides a learning community which nurtures human potential through the teaching and love of music. We are committed to providing local children with qualified instructors, and opportunities for musical performance and enrichment. We are affiliates of:

Suzuki philosophy informs the policies of the school and its curriculum. Suzuki students take part in an integrated practise routine of: individual lessons, home practise, periodic group work, piano recitals, and master classes. Our children are nurtured, from the beginning, to build their natural talents in a group context that celebrates sharing their musical progress and interests. Public performance is a cornerstone of the Suzuki method, as it helps to build confidence to begin playing publicly at a young age. Our children perform often, and generally to a high standard.

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